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Onoterat AB (publ) is a corporate finance advisor, an active financing partner and an investor in Swedish growth companies (entrepreneurial companies). The company was founded already 1999, but re-positioned with the new management from August 2014.

Through a proven business model, experienced and cost-effective organization, Onoterat AB (publ) is expected to conduct a profitable advisory business and provide financing solutions to Swedish growth companies. Higher leverage can be achieved by offsetting fees for partial ownership (Sweat Equity).





Onoterat AB (publ) mission is to democratize the Swedish venture industry, and to facilitate for both entrepreneurs and investors to easier gain access to the venture capital market, with its open and transparent Swedish company structure


Onoterat AB (publ) interacts in a network with partners of advisers and investors. The company’s advisory offering includes;

  • Capital raising process by;
    • Onoterat AB (publ) own network (External).
    • P2P solutions ( Example- Toborrow).
  • Sales process of unlisted company
    • Sales process of Strategic share holdings.
  • Mentoring – Business development.
  • Listing preparations (NGM exchange partner. www.ngm.se)
  • Facilitation of board members, key employees etc.
  • Financial advisor to company regarding structure, incentives etc





The Company’s investing and financing activities is done according to the new investment policy since 2016, and independent from the advisory business. Onoterat AB (publ) own equity will opportunistically be partly invested directly in smaller growth companies.

Onoterat AB (publ) portfolio per 2018-04-30

E-Commerce /Online sector

  • Jascha Stockholm AB (publ), 5,1%
  •   https://jascha.se/
  • House of Dagmar AB, 4%
  • https://www.houseofdagmar.com/


  • Papilly AB(quoted), approx 0,3% of shares and convertible loan of SEK 301 440.
  • https://papilly.com/privat/


Entertainment & Gaming Sector

  • Goodbye Kansas Holding AB, 1,6%
  • http://goodbyekansasholding.com/


  • P-Studios AB (Prey), 1,15%
  • http://preystudios.com/


  • Sozap AB , 3%
  • http://sozap.com/

Fintech sector / Other

  • Valueguard AB, 0,3%
  • Nowonomics AB, 0,3%
  • Comsys AB 0,3%  (Part- sold april 2018)

Bridge loan:

  • Intreat AB


For more information 


Lars-Erik Bratt, CEO of Onoterat AB (publ)

E-mail: lars-erik.bratt@onoterat.se or info@onoterat.se

Address: Mailbox 705, SE-114 11 STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN

Visiting Address: Biblioteksgatan 25, Floor 3, STOCKHOLM