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Onoterat AB (publ) is an established investment and advisor company active in the swedish venture market, and especially focus on the following sectors Entertainment & Gaming,  E-commerce/brands and Fintech

Advisory services

Onoterat AB (publ) Advisory services includes for an example;

  • Fundraising
  • “Pilot fishing” (limited number of investors)
  • P2P – solutions (Partners network)
  • Private placements
  • M&A
  • Business Development
  • Project Management
  • Valuation
  • Incentive program for staff
  • Ownership divirsification program – IPO
  • Pre-IPO Process

Investment process

Onoterat AB(publ) key criteria’s for an potential investment;

  • Swedish AB’s
  • Pre-money should not exceed MSEK 50
  • Accept of the service/product, i.e. sales
  • Unique business model/company
  • Scalability
  • Digital strategy
  • Ownership target 5 -10%
  • Identified exit plan

=> Data analytics – Design – Engagement =

Entertainment & Gaming, E-Commerce (Brands)  and Fintech

Investment portfolio

Total return from the beginning of the invesment portfolio start approx > 35% since May 2016


Onoterat AB (publ)  positioning in the Swedish VC markets, between business angels and smaller VC firms is our sweet spot (or bulls eye)


Lars-Erik Bratt
CEO Onoterat AB (publ)
Postal address: Mailbox 705, SE – 114 11 Stockholm, Sweden
Visiting address: Biblioteksgatan 25, 3rd Floor
Phone: +46 701 – 442 441
E-mail: info@onoterat.se or larserik.bratt@onoterat.se